August 23, 2009

My Summer Staycation

by Cicily Bowles

I had to write about my summer staycation, but I didn't know what to write so I decided to just make a list of all the great things about my summer staycation:

casitas, undercover waiter, canned chicken, blender drama, toots, cinnamon toast crunch, Mylicon, cable, leg wrestling, pools, lazy river, British man with tiny shorts, sad alone lady with her beer at 10am, nachos, nachos and more nachos, 65 degree weather, housekeeping, 400 thread count, concussion prevention courses, cannonball and belly-flop competition, W or B lady (still a mystery), Phase 10, riveting late night conversations, no sunburns, finding the flip-flop, drown-drown-drown Fire department hit song, and pizza.

I had an awesome summer staycation, it was neat.
Photos courtesy of Stacy Thompson


Dangerford said...

staycation is a word i never want to hear you say again. but i love you!

Jill said...

why weren't we invited?

Oh yah, because we have 4 kids, and that's not fun.

Looks like fun

Summer said...

just commenting to say I love love the new background. Your hubby is talented. and if you feel a bit violated because I can look at your blog and you cant at mine, let me know and I will add you.

oh and I love the synopsis of your summer, those can be the best kinds!

Anonymous said...

HA! This had me laughing. You forgot to mention the blueberries and the trouble they caused for poor Gus and those forced to change his diaper.

Ginger said...

Looks like fun!

Anonymous said...

Great post, who's the cute red head with the huge boobies?