November 28, 2011

Tasty Lemonade

You know the saying, "when life gives you lemons, make lemonade." When Leah passed away on October 29th that's all I could think about because she is the most beautiful example of this to me.  Right after she finished several rounds of chemotherapy she lost all of her hair.  We had a family Halloween party and we expected her to be feeling a little down about it, but we were pleasantly surprised. She made lemonade out of lemons, or better put the perfect Uncle Fester costume out of a bald head!  It's hard for me to express how much I'll miss her, but man that was some tasty lemonade!

November 27, 2011

The beautiful Caboodle

On a recent visit to Target, Gus was thrilled when he found the perfect item.  A purple glittered Caboodle, a most glorious treasure.  He whined and complained, stating he would like to spend all of his hard earned money on this box.  I told him, all of his change he has earned over the months would be mine, and he was cool with it.  We drove home and I told him, that I would have saved my money and bought something else later.  He decided after much pondering that the box should go back, but he did have me take pictures and every time he would walk by it he would tell whoever was in ear shot, "man, this great box is really beautiful huh?"  Such a funny kid.

November 14, 2011

A Halloween with cousins

We were able to do our trick-or-treating with cousins this Halloween because everyone was in town.  It was so much fun going to Aunt Debbie's neighborhood, they are close houses which makes for optimal candy gathering.  The kids came back with so much loot, it was out of control.  Gus decided to be an ocopus again, at the last minute.  It really is a cute costume, but he is so wiggly and excited to get trick-or-treating.  James, was of course a lumber jack with his amazing beard.  He has since shaved, and I am so sad about it.