June 9, 2015

If I knew...

If I had known we would only have one child I would have taken more of an effort to soak up those precious baby moments with Gus. I was in a hurry to rush him along to get to all of those benchmarks and get through hard stages. Truth is every stage has had its challenges and rewards. I love who he is right this very minute, I love that he's smarter than I am, but he will still play with the "baby" toys. Every day I'm glad we have Gus, what can only be described by my doctors, as a miracle. So I will soak up every minute of time, all the good and all the bad. He's amazing and I love being his mom.

March 21, 2015

Spring break 2015

Quick road trip to Prescott was so much fun. Lots of rain and clouds followed us to Jerome, it was perfect. Jerome is much busier than we remembered. It was worth the wait to eat at the Haunted Hamburger; it was still as good as ever. Gus was worn out after the drive and playing hard, but we made time for a swim and games. It's so fun to be able to vacation together, we love spending time together. We hit the Prescott zoo, it was small and easy to see all the animals. Gus and James loved the Tamarind named Gizmo, it had a special love for James. It literally mimicked every move he made, I wish we had it on video. Finished off our day playing ball by the capitol building. James and Gus worked on the short game, teaching Gus how to make those catches stick. Love my family, they are the best!

January 22, 2015

It's the little things that make me so happy. I love the beauty of this season in the desert and my boys doing homework... makes my heart so full.

January 5, 2015

360 days of 2015

My goal is to post every day of the year... I'm starting a little bit late, but here's to documenting this amazing year! Year started out with snow on New Years eve and a beautiful mountain the next day. We had a great New Years, playing games and letting the kids run wild!