July 25, 2010


I went with the Priests and Teachers in our ward down to Havasupai.  As many of you know it is a pretty grueling hike so needless to say my old bones needed a "shake me up, Judy!" (name that movie) When we finally got to the campgrounds and had camp all setup we decided to head to the closest falls and have a swim. As we arrived at Havasu fall we were told that a flood was coming and that we couldn't go swimming, but not to worry because it was expected to be a small one.  So being the rubber-neckers we are we decided to stay and watch the flood come through at the falls.  Now either the reservation has awful predicting equipment or the flood picked up some serious steam because when we decided we better get back to camp and check on things the entire campground was getting swept away by the flood waters! Fortunately none of our stuff was lost, and the lovely village of Havasupai put us up in their Elementary school gym to await the reopening of the trail out of there the next morning.  We ended up having a great spiritual experience and as my mom says "better for it."

July 12, 2010

Gus loves people

Gus is going through a rough spot.  We had a pretty chill year 2, but 3 is working me over.  Gus did swim lessons and it was hilarious/obnoxious how he would tell his teacher "no thanks, not today." Not rude, just totally not interested.  It took him 3 weeks to finally get into it, those poor swim teachers.  He just likes to do his own thing on his own timing, little turd burglar he is so me.  Got to love him though, or at least I love him; the rest of you I totally get it if you're not loving 3 year old Gus he's a stinker.

July 6, 2010

I love family reunions!