April 14, 2010

Happy birthday date night

Most fun date EVER!!  I got to plan my dream date, which included an early babysitter so I didn't feel guilty being gone awhile.  We had dinner and I totally went off my plan and ate fries, it was awesome!  We saw Date Night, hilarious and when we realized it was only 7:00 pm after that we realized we needed another fun activity so we went to the parking lot carnival and rode the ferris wheel.  I think parking lot carnivals are my new favorite thing, they are funny and very overpriced a great combo.  I was then introduced to Yodippity, which kind of stresses me out with all the options but it was AMAZING.  Another deviation from my plan, but so worth the indulgence. 

*James also got me the coolest watch for my present, he rocks!


jake and jenni said...

I saw your watch Sunday and I was admiring it. Seriously Awesome. Carni's of all kinds are fantastic. dirty and overpriced. great combo.
What is your plan? Are you doing a new diet? I totally wanna hear about it!

Don and Amy Bennion said...

Carnivals...we went to one the other day. We paid overpriced tickets for entry, and then were too cheap to do any rides, which were about $8 per person per ride...but we did see racing and diving pigs. Not very humane, maybe, but the stands filled fast. And we saw the worlds tallest horse. Then we left. You deserve a ferris wheel ride on your birthday,though. Glad you had fun. You and James are a great couple. Hope you had a great birthday! Happy belated one!


Kenna said...

Happy Birthday!!!