December 2, 2009

Personal History: Summer 2005 II

After my lame attempt at perpetuating our first date, I was unsure if I would be getting another call from James. I was really excited when he called the next week asking if I wanted to go to institute. Institute was an interesting event, loved the class but felt like a total creep out being in a class with kids I had literally babysat. The next week when James called to ask me to institute I told him I didn't want to go, I felt bad but I was so out of my element. He promptly called back with another option of going to the temple. I was smitten, who does that?
We were pretty much inseparable at that point, we went on so many great dates:
-Lolo's chicken and waffles with Summer and Shawn
-Joined choir to be together
-Endowment sessions at the temple
-Thatcher for Pioneer day with Ben's family (We spent the whole day together, this was also the night of our first kiss. He kissed me when he dropped me off at home, it was so sweet)
-Sunday dinner with the Bowles family, watching family movies and eating cookies
-So many other great dates
Things happened fast and at some point I remember that we started talking about marriage, and then the conversations got more serious. We both decided to give it some real prayer and fasting and see how we felt. The answers came at different times for both of us, but we both felt confidently that we wanted to be married. As soon as we established that, we started planning and plotting our dream wedding.


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Don and Amy Bennion said...

Your dream only two months. Awesome. Most people would be amazed that someone can put together a wedding in anything under a year. Your wedding was beautiful, so glad I got to be there!

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I love these posts!