December 18, 2009

Temple light night

We've decided to make Temple lights a tradition, it's good fun and free fun. We've also decided that the Kizzy and Billy family need to be part of our tradition. We eat dinner, take in the lights, kids go wild; end up crying, hot chocolate afterward. The night always starts out happy enough, but Gus inevitably ends up in tears as we try to keep him from plunging head first into the fountains. On a side note, did anyone see the tree that had a laser projection on it?? It was amazing, I dream of such a tree at my own house.


Dangerford said...

I found some really neat "christmas lights" thats what they call them here. anyway they are like these hard balls of string in different colors then you stick an white light in it and they are super cute. I wanted to get some for you cause they seem very cicily but I think i would crush them. I wil keep thinking though. XOXO

Isaac said...

Little Gus is looking more like a Bowles every day!