September 30, 2009

It's under 100 degrees

Sooo... I'm ready to decorate for Halloween/fall. I always tell people that Halloween is my favorite holiday, and it is only because it hopefully means cooler weather and an excuse to have my house decorated for the next 4 months. I'll post some pictures when we get our "limited" Halloween decorations put up.

Makes me wish I had a porch in a state where the seasons actually change.

This is not okay. They should not have blow up things for every holiday.

September 20, 2009

It's ladies night

September birthday celebration was a success. Ford girls, pedicures (mom's first pedicure), dinner, solving the problems of the world, and being funny.
Bonus Points for anyone who can guess who's feet are who's???

The guy giving my mom a pedicure was giving her a hard time. It doesn't help that my mom can't hear really well. His jokes were lost on her.Isn't my family beautiful? And they are all the best! I'm so grateful to have a family I love to spend time with and I know I could rely on for anything.

Debbie's shower

Deb is a glowing, pregnant beauty. Her shower was great, thanks to her sister-in-law Lauren who was the coordinator. She also got a special surprise from Leah who flew in from Colorado for the event.

September 5, 2009

Awesome / Not Awesome

Awesome: Adults falling (always good for a laugh)
Not Awesome: Being the adult that falls (in my defense, it had just rained and I was wearing flip-flops with no traction. I was however surrounded by people so I had to play like I was totally fine and they had to act like it was not hilarious. PS my knee is jacked as well as my pride.)

Awesome: Gus becoming more independent
Not Awesome: Gus deciding I was infringing on his "alone" time so he decided to lock me out of the house. (I had to go to my neighbors house and get James to come home from work, I was pissed and Gus was sad. Alone time not such a success.)