June 28, 2009


Top of the morning to ya Gov'na!

Untamed chops for your enjoyment.

June 27, 2009

Gus rules

I like Gus a lot, he's really funny. He makes me laugh all the time and I love that he will let me coerce him into doing things that are silly. Here are his latest and greatest exploits.

Sticker stomach Monday

Pirate Mario Kart Tuesday

Dish washing Wednesday

Seed pod collection Thursday

Popsicle Friday

Red lipstick (icing) Saturday

June 22, 2009


Warning to consumers: Warning, Activia contains a probiotic that may cause explosive diarrhea in individuals that are not constipated (don't mess around, this is serious stuff.) Feeding Activia to children may result in late night bouts with explosive diarrhea. In order to avoid this response do not share your Activia with any child, regardless of how persuasive they are.