May 29, 2013

Taking one for the team

Gus' kindergarten teacher had a tough start to her year so come Christmas she was done and notified all of the parents that she was taking a leave and a new teacher would take her place.  I was so devastated, I wanted Gus to have a great first year and this was not going as I had thought it would.  His new teacher was hired and she was completely nuts.  She was frequently late to school, yelled at the kids all the time and the short story is that after 3 weeks they "let her go."  I went into panic mode and looked for several options, but after much prayer and consideration settled on asking if I could take over the class for the rest of the year.  It was such a challenge but also a blessing to be at a stage in my life that I could do that.  I loved all the kids and how sweet they were... but I did count down the days to the end of the year and I am so glad I don't have to do it everyday.