June 25, 2013

Glacier National Park 2013

We planned our vacation to Glacier for over a year... planned and saved for the ultimate vacation.  It did not disappoint. We rented a cabin on Lake McDonald and that alone was incredible; we spent hours skipping rocks on the lake and watching thunderstorms roll through.  My friend Kelli Barber even stopped by and stayed a night.  We were super adventurous one day and took a helicopter tour that flew over a good portion of the park.  It was amazing to see the park from that vantage point and see areas we couldn't access even hiking.  We rode on the Desmet, the boat that I gave tours on and looked at all the places that I loved during the time I spent there.  I think we all had our favorite parts of the trip, it's really hard to pick just one thing. I'm so glad we got to experience it as a family, it will be good memories.