September 29, 2012

Rose Creek

September 11, 2012

Mom's 60th Birthday

Momma turned the big 60, and we had a family dinner to celebrate.  We also collected memories from all of our siblings and had my mom guess who had come up with that memory.  It was a lot of fun and I think we all agree on a few things about Mom...  she is extremely resourceful, handy, a great cook (You want her on your team if the world collapses) and a wonderful example to all of us.  We love you Mom! No Ford family party is complete without a QT cup.

September 8, 2012

The Accident

One of the scariest things as a parent is when your child gets hurt. After a great experience participating in Grayson's blessing we were enjoying some good old fashioned Payson weather at a family get together. Gus was swinging on a swing set placed precariously next to a low retaining wall. He decided to swing on his belly and suddenly we hear a loud thud. The swing seat came unhooked from the chain and Gus flew head first into the wall. After being unconscious,  a Priesthood blessing, tossing his cookies, and an ambulance ride for a hospital visit we were given instructions for taking care of a concussion. Apparently a brain injury is just like any other and requires plenty of rest and time. It's crazy how hard it is to eliminate any mental stimulation for a five year old to give his injury time to heal! No TV, music, games, crowds, or playing in general. Thank goodness for Grandpa and Grandma Bowles who pulled out all the stops and hooked Gus up with some low stimulation toys and coloring activities to keep all of our sanity in check.

The Aftermath

September 7, 2012

Cabin Trip

After the first month of school down, we decided to take a relaxing vacation to the Bowles' cabin in Heber.  It was beautiful and just what we needed.  We did a cool drive that took us to several points of interest, like hieroglyphs and an old Indian ruin. Gus also got to choose his own outfittery and settled on a full camouflage ensemble....priceless. Good times for sure.