March 9, 2012

UPDATE Christmas till now!

I'm obviously several months behind on our blogging and we have much to report.  We celebrated Christmas, which was awesome.  Kept things simple this year, knowing that we were moving soon.  That's right, we moved.  We will have another post all about that exciting event.  Christmas was great!  Gus got some awesome headphones and an ipod, (thanks aunt Kizzy's for the hand me down.)  He loves music, and it is adorable to see him rocking out.  James got an exciting air compressor, and I got a Kindle Fire to keep up on all my reading.  The week after Christmas we took off with cousins to Greer (thank you Shawn,) to stay in a cabin.  It was nice to see some snow and be really cold for a little while.  The kids looked hilarious in their hodge podge get-up.  My favorite time of the year came and went, and we are already in the midst of spring.  This will be a fantastic year, I can feel it.