November 27, 2011

The beautiful Caboodle

On a recent visit to Target, Gus was thrilled when he found the perfect item.  A purple glittered Caboodle, a most glorious treasure.  He whined and complained, stating he would like to spend all of his hard earned money on this box.  I told him, all of his change he has earned over the months would be mine, and he was cool with it.  We drove home and I told him, that I would have saved my money and bought something else later.  He decided after much pondering that the box should go back, but he did have me take pictures and every time he would walk by it he would tell whoever was in ear shot, "man, this great box is really beautiful huh?"  Such a funny kid.


Mimi said...

That kid cracks me up. It is pretty sparkly.

Danika said...

Natalie drew Gus' name in the preschool gift exchange today...maybe that pretty box will have to be his...right after I pry it out of Natalie's hands! :)