September 22, 2011

Want us to rent your house?

So we are hoping to have our house sold and taken care of in the next few months... so we will be looking for a place to rent.  I'm putting this out for everyone who knows anyone renting a property out.  We will be amazing renters; we are crazy clean, James can fix most things himself and we will be very kind to their home.  What we need is a 2/3 bedroom, 2/3 bath, SAFE, not too far from MCC, far away from train tracks.  That's it, nothing crazy... oh yeah, and a reasonable price.  Don't you want us to rent your house?


Anonymous said...

Even though I don't want you to move....I love this post and your pictures. ;)

Ginger said...

I LOVE those photos! Please don't move far away. We would miss you way too much! Too bad you didn't want to move a few months ago when we were looking for renters. :(

Kenna said...

If you want you could move up to Utah! The duplex we use to live in is for rent, I think you came to visit us there once. Just a suggestion. Good luck! Love the pics!