August 22, 2011

So, awesome

I just love it when at 1 a.m. I get woken by a sweet, precious sound.... some crazy drunk lady pounding on my door and windows of my house.  It really is so adorable, when I get woken from sleep to this craziness.  I get to call my best friends, the police and they get to come and arrest the crazy lady.  It is such a special time for us, we love it.

For reals, we want to move.  Last night solidified that feeling for me. I do NOT want this to be Gus' neighborhood while he grows up.  I do not want any more "funny" stories about the wild things that happen in my neighborhood.  I want to complain about peoples overgrown lawns, not about how their drug deals are keeping me up at night.  I need some ideas, any real estate gems out there?  How can we get out of our completely upside down house, I'm serious, share your wisdom with me.... please.


The Bowles said...

just finished my online real estate license renewal, but don't really know anything about residential real estate...just commercial. Have you talked to your bank about short selling? You'll probably have to have James quit his job, (which proves you won't be able to make your payments) he could then go to school full time and finish fast, you could live on loans, and then rent for a while??? Some people I know did that and short selling didn't even hurt their credit. I'm with you girl.....get outta there and quick! I'm scared to be home alone at night and we live in a great neighborhood. Brad says I need counseling....hoping it all works out cic! we love you! p.s. when can we have gus for a few hours? Brooklyn is forgetting who he not right!

jake and jenni said...

you should rent it out and then rent a different house. rent is so cheap right now, you could score something fab.As long as your rental costs as much as you can get for your house, you will equal out every month.
{but you MUST stay in the ward.}
ps. theres a rental around the corner from me. i will do recon. and let you know.

Ginger said...

I agree with Jenni 100%!