May 31, 2011

Fun stuff!

So many fun pictures I will have a long post soon to come.  We also got good news that we are officially licensed for foster care!!  So hopefully we will have an additional kiddo in our home soon... Just an FYI, we are not allowed to call them foster children, so if you ask I won't be able to say foster care, foster child, etc. (legal issues...stupid.)  They will be our kid, and we are cool with that so that is what we will call them.


Stacy said...

Cicily! Apparently your blog is not recognized by my reader anymore so I thought you hadn't posted in oh, 8 months or so! I never go to peoples actual blogs anymore but just randomly checked yours tonight. It was fun to catch up and see all the fun stuff you've been doing! Gus is so grown up I can't believe it!

Danika said...

Congrats! That's great news! Can't wait to hear about your new kid!
And that's an awesome picture!