May 31, 2011

Fun stuff!

So many fun pictures I will have a long post soon to come.  We also got good news that we are officially licensed for foster care!!  So hopefully we will have an additional kiddo in our home soon... Just an FYI, we are not allowed to call them foster children, so if you ask I won't be able to say foster care, foster child, etc. (legal issues...stupid.)  They will be our kid, and we are cool with that so that is what we will call them.

May 20, 2011

MOTY (mother of the year)

You know those days where you plan something really amazing, and you're sure that at the end of the day you will feel like MOTY?  I had a plan, I had the most fun day planned ever; it was going to be awesome.  Lite rail ride to the Children's Museum of Phoenix, play, eat lunch, play, lite rail home...and the weather yesterday was so incredible it would add to the fun.  We boarded the lite rail with several "random" riders, and Gus loved every minute of it.  When we got off in downtown Phoenix, I knew we had a bit of a walk so we walked quickly seeing that Gus needed to go to the bathroom, and there is NO WHERE to go in downtown Phoenix.  We made it to the museum, got our hands stamped and headed straight to the bathroom.  Gus had a meltdown, he was certain that the bathrooms had hand blowers and those are his personal kryptonite....(I don't know why, they just scare him to death.)  So being MOTY, I drug him by the arm, screaming into the bathroom, where he proceeded to stand in front of the toilet and wiz his pants.  In all fairness, he had a belt on and couldn't get his britches down, but I was sure it was him trying to foil our perfect day.  What do I do...take my kid and his wet pants into the museum, take the long walk back to the lite rail and sit there for an hour in wet pants (I'm sure he would have been super pissed about that.)  No Walmart, no drugstore, no car to get anywhere.....FREAK!  I about lost it, what the heck was I supposed to do.  I proceeded to grab Gus' arm and drag him into the gift shop, hoping to randomly find shorts.  The kid had the nerve to ask for a toy..."are you serious?  You're lucky to be alive."  Fortunately the gift shop does have overpriced shorts (in the storage room) for just such an event.  We cleaned up the wiz, bagged up the pee clothes and slipped on his sweet cotton shorts, and Gus went commando.  For reals, the museum is so great, he had a great time and looked totally homeless.  By the end of the day his legs were black from climbing all over everything, he looked raggedy.  We stepped outside and it was raining, I again take the title of MOTY as it's raining, windy and cold and Gus is in thin shorts, a t-shirt and flip flops, walking around downtown Phoenix.  I ended up giving him my cardigan to wrap around himself so he didn't freeze, but it did make both of us look more homeless and we were carrying a bag that wreaked of wiz.  It was a great day!  I'm pretty sure I will get my nomination for MOTY here in the mail pretty soon.

May 13, 2011

Month of May...

Does it seem like this year is going by ridiculously fast, or is it just me?  I can't believe we are almost half way through the year, how did this happen?  May has been a crazy month, with funerals, family gatherings, and mother's day ( I had a wonderful mother's day, complete with breakfast and hugs and kisses.  I've got a great family...I did however have the standard mother's day tears.  I don't know why I'm always such a mess on holidays like that, I'm an emotional woman, what can I say.)  I feel like life has gotten a little turned upside down and I'm hoping to catch my breath and enjoy the rest of this month.