April 22, 2011

The smell of Noxzema and Pert Plus will always remind me of my sweet Grandma Nanny.  She is an amazing woman who is so kind and gentle, but tough when she needs to be.  I will never forget when my Grandma was babysitting my family and I tried to sneak my breakfast into the toilet...she caught me and had me sit and eat until I was done.  She taught me how to tie my shoes with patience only a Grandma could give.  Recently she taught Gus how to do #3 with his fingers; I'd been trying to do that for almost a year.  He attributes his #3 success to his beloved Nanny.  It sounds so trite to put my memories of my Nanny into a blog post, but I want my posterity to know how much she is to me.  She is stalwart and brave, hard working and loveable.  I got to sit with Nanny and hear stories of her childhood, engagement and marriage.  It was fascinating to hear this whole side of a person you never really consider as a child.   She struggled, she grew and she is great.  She has overcome many challenges and has stayed faithful in the Gospel.  She has a great posterity of children, grand children and we will all love and miss our Nanny.