April 18, 2011

Lacy's shower

It's so bizarre that my 8 year old sister Lacy is having a baby...okay she's really not 8, but she still seems so young to me.  It probably doesn't help that she has all over miniature features.  We did a "pop" theme for her shower (soda pop, pop corn, cake pops, jalapeno poppers, Popsicle)  It was to be a wonderful outdoor spring shower, it was however one of the coldest weekends ever and pouring rain.  We still had a great time, we just threw hot cocoa into the mix (I will never complain about rain and cold, I LOVE IT.)  Lacy is adorable pregnant, too bad this picture is blurry.

And just for viewing pleasure...this picture makes me laugh


charity said...

cute cute shower idea! Lacey will always be 8 to me too...probably because that's how old she was the last time I saw her.