April 25, 2011

Gus a roo turns 4

Yes...it's official, he survived his toddler stage and is on to a very interesting kid stage. 

Some current Gus tidbits include his obsession with "Muscle Song," which is more commonly referred to as Viva La Vida by Coldplay.  If you are ever in the car with us or at our home, he will question your love of this song; I suggest you tell him you love it.  One Sunday I got pulled out of my church class because Gus was requesting his class sing "Muscle Song."  The teachers were willing, they just weren't familiar with this tune.  It was awesome! 

We've spoiled Gus and his palette for water.  We have a water cooler, we don't drink tap water; we are snobs.  The other day we were totally out of water, so I quickly filled up his cup with tap water and ice.  When I brought him his cup he took a big swig followed by "Mom, dump this freaking sink water out of my cup."  Snap, we are in trouble, and apparently I say freaking A LOT!!

His best friend is still his elephant, someday we hope he branches out and finds a friend who will talk back to him :)

We had a great time on Gus' birthday, playing with cousins and coloring Easter eggs.  By the end of the day Gus looked completely homeless.  His face was stained with food coloring his hair was disheveled and his clothes were all raggedy.  I took him to Liberty Market to pick a free birthday treat looking straight off the streets.  The looks we got were awesome... I looked horrible too and I can almost guarantee they thought we were homeless and begging food.  It was lovely. 

At Gus' birthday party we had his favorite friend Jessi, make us some elephant cupcakes.  Gus loved them, but was a bit torn when he was required to eat his beloved elephant friends.

We love Gus so much!  He is a great kid, and we are so glad we've been blessed to be his parents.


Jill said...

that water comment is hilarious. by the way I often forget you have a blog--so it takes me a while to catch up

Danika said...

Can you believe these kids are turning 4? Seems like just yesterday they were born...

Lenor said...

he is so cute. the water comment is a classic cicily.

Sheri said...

I literally laughed out loud at the water comment. That is freakin funny.

Ben and Maggie said...

Love the freaking comment! Can't believe Gus is 4!