January 11, 2011

Road trip

My best friend Lenor and I went on a girls road trip to Utah to be at the wedding of our high school friend, Charity.  I forgot how nice it was to travel with a good friend, and all the great conversations we were able to have.  We also were lucky enough to stay with my sweet friend Amy, who I haven't seen in years.  She has two boys that I've never met and being around all those little boys made me want a house full of them.   The wedding was beautiful, the girl time was great, seeing old friends was wonderful.  There were a few standout events along our drive.  We saw a total of 10 bald eagles, for reals!  It was crazy, and I'm convinced there is some sort of eagle lair in southern Utah.  We also drove through some crazy snow on our way home, which was magical until we did a 360 on the highway and I almost barfed.  I've never lived in snow and that was a bit of an adventure for me.  Such a fun trip and a great memory.