September 8, 2010

Labor Day (the day we celebrated Grandma D's birthday)

We are always looking for a reason to do some sort of BBQ/family get together. So we decided to combine mom's birthday and our Labor day celebrations.  We got mom this awesome ice cream maker that fits onto her Kitchen-Aid, it's super cool.  The kids were a wild bunch, they even had a dance party.  The men played poker for hours, until James challenged them to Monopoly which he guaranteed he could win in 1 hour (he won in 1hr 18 min, do not play Monopoly with James unless you want to cry.)  Us women sat and planned a getaway, complete with a test run to ensure comfort for our drive.  My family is great, we miss our brothers though.


Danika said...

I won't play Monopoly with Kevin anymore! We played right after we were first married and it almost ended our marriage! I didn't cry, but I was so mad I didn't speak to him for 2 days!