September 19, 2010

The Cabaña

We had a great weekend with the Ford family at the Williamson's cabin.  The cabin is great, a perfect space for a family getaway (thank you Williamsons.)  The kids for the most part ran around looking like homeless bums, covered in dirt, bug bites and cuts.  The men/boy folk were always engaged in some sort of competition like, horseshoes, cards or feats of strength. The women were either cooking, cleaning kids or house, or chit-chatting.  No cabin excursion would be complete without a campfire, or trampoline??  (yes they have a trampoline and it was loved by all the kids.)  We rounded off the weekend with a great testimony meeting and a nice clean up crew (Is it crazy that my family loves to clean up, well we do and the cabin looks amazing!!)  As for the pictures of Gus...I was chillaxing with James when he jumped up and said that Gus was buck naked.  We found Gus trying to go potty #2 and he figured it was fine to go outside just like when he goes pee.  FALSE...not okay.  Love my family, they are great! 


mrs t said...

What's wrong with taking a dump in the great outdoors? He was just trying to become one with nature.

Looks like a good time. Love all of the dirty faces.

Ben and Maggie said...

I LOVE the naked Gus pictures! Naked kids are the best!

Kiz said...

how did i totally miss that gus moment?

is that the best pic. you could get of me - seriously!