August 5, 2010

What are your thoughts??

Have you ever studied the Word of Wisdom? I read over it recently trying to get some personal inspiration, I'm still working on it and I wanted to know your thoughts. I find it interesting that people read it so differently. I know some people who take it to mean becoming a vegetarian, I know some people who feel that grains should be used on a restricted basis. What do you think??



Jill said...

I think eating meat a few times a week is ok. Like spread it through the year. They used to just eat it in winter, so I decided instead of me carnivoring it up all winter I'd do a few days a week. It's tough though--i have to admit it's a big change.

And as for grains, I was going to ask Calli about that. I've heard that corn and some others aren't meant for human consumption. So I'm not sure about that.

Good question

Kenna said...

Oh very good post... You got my mind going...
About a year ago I had a certain question about the word of wisdom concerning herbal teas, to me I thought we shouldn't, for some reason it was like coffee to me. But many of my friends said it was fine, so I asked my dad, who use to be a bishop my concern. He says it states no hot drinks so you could take it as far as no hot chocolate even, then he went on to tell me that you can drink de-caffinated coffee and still hold a temple reccommend, so question was really never answered.
I agree with your friend above the meat, just a few times a week not every meal.
Let us now what you discover with your search...

jake and jenni said...

I just reread it. {thx for the link}
To me it says meat occasionally and to eat grain always it is "the staff of life" So if we stick with grains, friuit veggies and occasional meat, we are good.
{oh and stay away from the bad stuff like strong drink and tobacco} Thanks for making me think about it! :)

Lenor said...

I think you can read the letters to be whatever is convenient for you....(ie meat/no meat, hot drinks/cold drinks, corn/oats)

but i think the spirit of the words are to take into your body that which is going to make it a more pure and strong vessel for the Spirit to work through.

that being said.

eating a lot of meat is bad for you period.

eating to much sugar and processed food is bad for you period.

getting punched in the throat, also bad for you period.

love you

Cicily said...

My final thoughts on the Word of Wisdom. The main reason why I was giving this so much thought was so I could develop my own testimony on the subject and feel confident it was what the Lord would have me do. I think it can be read in so many ways, but my personal belief is that the Spirit of the law is all things are intended in moderation. They are all a blessing, but it's learning to use them in moderation. I agree with Lenor, whatever helps us to be a strong vessel and we know what makes us feel like crap and what makes us feel healthy and strong. That is my feelings and so if you ask me, that is my position.