January 28, 2010

You rock my world!

Happy Birthday to the greatest husband in the whole world! I look at you all the time and think how lucky I am to have you, you are amazing. Not everyone can shave pervert beards, get excited about things like Chemistry, watch girly BBC movies with me, be a kind and loving father, take care of all sorts of things around the house, attend to your amazing wife and still have a smile on your face. You are awesome, I love you. I also love that for four months we are only four years apart.


Dangerford said...

happy birthday james!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jim!! We think you're awesome, too. And Cicily is right about always having a smile on your face. Such an admirable quality!

jake and jenni said...

You two are perfect. That banner is also perfect...I want to make one this week for Tate's bday. Your inspiration came just in time. Where did you get the letters cut?