January 2, 2010

Santa showed up

The slinky was very exciting

Parking garage (does anyone remember playing with this when they were a kid?)

Ty took the polar bear plunge

An intense game of bocce

This Christmas was by far my favorite since we've been married. It was so much fun with Gus getting into it and being just as excited as I needed him to be. We went and did all our traditional Christmas stops and came home just in time to hear Santa's bells outside. This was oddly very disturbing to Gus, who was a little concerned about the proximity of Santa. Gus got a parking garage with lots of cars, but ended up playing most of the day with an empty slinky box. We did service Christmas between siblings in my family and we got hooked up. I had both Wes and Ty here for a whole day doing little projects that needed done, it was great! I'm always excited to see a new year come, and look forward to new adventures.


Don and Amy Bennion said...

Where did you get the parking garage? I love the old style little people stuff so much more than the new style. One of my friends bought a whole collection of the old stuff on Ebay. What did you do? I want to get it when we get back.

Dangerford said...

ty looks like brad pitt in inglorious bastards. glad to finally see some christmas pictures.

Shannon said...

i totally played with that toy! it was at my grandmas house, she had the some really old toys....i loved them all, except for the babies dolls...they were like the old creepy looking ones, like scary looking....