January 18, 2010

Gus has a crazy obsession with vacuums (sharks), and their attachments (we've gone through several obsessions some of you may remember the cupboard love.) At nap times he chooses his favorite attachments to nap with and first thing in the morning, we have to pull out the vacuum. The other day we took Gus' favorite attachment (brush shark) to the grocery store with us. When we got home we realized it must have fallen out of the car when we were loading up. Gus was distraught, I felt horrible so we went back looking for the brush shark with no luck. Gus said a prayer in the parking lot that we would find the attachment, but we didn't. He brought it up several times, so on Saturday we went back to get some groceries and James found the brush shark in the lost and found. I couldn't believe that someone had picked it up and turned it in. It was a real testimony builder to me to see how a simple prayer from Gus was answered. Heavenly Father knows what we need, even if it does seem silly.


Dangerford said...

gus is the greatest and the cutest.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh, because kids are so funny. Especially Gus. Carrying around vacuum parts? Awesome.

This post made me cry. Kids are so sweet. I'm so glad you found the beloved vacuum attachment. Awesome.

Jolene B said...

What a sweet lesson Gus is learning. It strengthens mom & dad too.

Unknown said...

When Don was 3 or 4 we had our first cook-out in the back yard. He ate so many hamburgers that I told him he was going to be sick. Of course, he didn't want to believe me--until his stomach hurt so badly he could not stand it. Since we had guests i had him go lay down on his bed. I would check on him every once in a while. Then i went in and he said, "I prayed to Heavenly Father that I would feel better and he answered my prayer."
I asked him how did he answer your prayer. "He made me throw up!"
Yep, Heavenly Father answers all kinds of prayers! Good going, Gus
Grandma Bowles