October 20, 2009

Ward Conference

We had our ward conference on Sunday, and I always walk away feeling good and wanting to do better than I am. Some thoughts the stuck out to me:

-Gain a greater testimony of Joseph Smith (our testimony will be tested and if we are not prepared we will fall) Bishop Richardson

-We are better than we think we are President Jones

-Raising kids is like planting a tree Brother Wheatley

I like the idea of being better than I think I am, that's always nice to hear. I do need to work on improving my testimony, I have a hard time sharing spiritual thoughts without crying so I avoid public speaking as much as possible. I'm sure my relief society can attest to that. I want to be one of those people who is able to share my testimony with such confidence that people will know that I'm being sincere and that it really is what I know to be true.


Sheri said...

I like the "We are better than we think we are". I wish I could have heard that talk.