October 27, 2009


After having our conference trip to Utah canceled, we decided to make a more leisurely visit to Utah. It was a chill trip and it was so much fun to see people and enjoy a little bit of real fall weather. I have to say, I really love Utah I don't know if I would love snowy driving Utah but I think it's pretty great there.

-Traxx (we never got back in our car while in Salt Lake, Gus was happy about that)
-The Temple
-Beef Jerky
-Breakfast buffet
-Sister missionaries (they loved Gus, we got stopped at every turn)
-Conference center
-Fall leaves
-Ty (what trip would be complete with out T-bone)
-Portable DVD player (we watched Cars at least 4 times)
-Aunt Jan and Jessy
-Safe driving
-The tunnel through the mountain in Zion
-Accidentally driving through Zion National Park
-Road tripping (one of my favorite things)
-All the jewelry stands that were never open (rude)
-Going to breakfast in our pajamas


Sheri said...

These pictures make me hate Arizona. That picture of you and Gus (I think it's 13 down) is Gorgeous! You have such a pretty smile. And you look so good in red lipstick. Love that picture.

Dangerford said...

i am just a little upset that you decided to visit utah NOW, six months AFTER i leave. now thats rude.

Anonymous said...

I'm diggin the red lips. You pull that off nicely.

Dangerford said...

your lips look super chapped! sick!

Cicily said...

Sheri and Stacy, you are too kind. Lacy you are a punk, thanks for nothing. You wonder why I never visited, maybe it was your verbal assaults.