July 7, 2009

The 4th of July

We were able to go to the Bowles cabin in Heber for the 4th and enjoy the small town pleasures that are "the 4th."


-New flooring, paint, couches and curtains in the cabin. A new fresh place to stay, Hooray!!

-Cooler weather

-Taking cheesy pregnant pictures of Debbie (I hate cheesy pregnant pictures, they make me want to throw up.)

-Gus getting dirty and having fun.

-Seeing all the Carpenter family.

-Fireworks (the best fireworks in Arizona, I'm sure of it)

-Small town parade, complete with trampy cheerleaders in patriotic bikinis. Oh yeah, and they gave out Otter Pops.

-Eating crap all weekend.


Aleia said...

I hear Heber does have the best firework show!

Deb N Stu said...

It was an awesome weekend! And the creepy pregnancy pictures of me were awesome! I'm glad you have such a cool camera!

Sheri said...

LOL!(for real) That picture of you on the couch is hilarious.

Rebecca said...

A friend of mine from our ward here was there in Heber for the
4th also and told me all about the festivities there. It sounds like it was a blast!

Ginger said...

Awesome fireworks pics!

Allred's said...

Do I have to drop to my knees and beg as if there were no tomorrow for you just to stop and use my bathroom as a good excuse to say hi to me here in Payson? ANSWER ME THIS SIMPLE PLEE. You have to drive through here anyway.

Micah and Jen said...

are you kidding? Quite possibly the best fireworks in the US....I think it's the canyon effect that does it! :) Glad you had fun!