October 25, 2011

Witches Brew

My friend hosted a Halloween party and gave us all a witches hat to use as the foundation to our costumes (which would be judged and awarded prizes).  I have some of the most crafty friends in the world, so I knew I had to do something that was more random that crafty.  I starched, pinned, blow dried, stitched and painted my hat until it resembled the Sorting Hat from Harry Potter.  It looked pretty cool, and I was proud of how it turned out.  I'll post more pictures later of all the cute witches at the party.


For those of you that might not know this acronym is, let me clue you in... it stands for couch potato (ME) to 5K.  I got this app for my phone that times my runs, and is supposed to take me from a non-runner state to running a 5K without stopping... in 9 weeks!  I read over the schedule, and it definitely starts you out slowly.  I'm on week 3 and I can now run for 3 minutes without stopping, which really is quite the feat for my feet.  I invested in these amazing shoes that feel like baby pillows (until I start running.)  I'm hopeful that I will continue my progression.  If you see me, ask me about my running...if I give you a vacant stare or some lame excuse, punch my throat and tell me to keep running.