October 31, 2010

They're MINE!!

That's right, these guys are mine.  Be jealous, they are as awesome as you would imagine.  That's right, James is Funshine Carebear and Gus is an octopus. 

I apologize to those of you who encountered Gus at trunk-or-treat, he was a little sick and crabby.  Note the post trunk-or-treat picture. 

October 18, 2010

Utah hair

Ty is a totally legit hair stylist and none of us have had an opporunity to have him do our hair.  So in celebration of the fall season and Ty's skills we headed to Salt Lake to have him doll us up.  We were standard girls, silly, giggly and all that business.  It's funny that all the pictures I have are of hair or us eating.  We weren't all together too often because there was always someone getting their hair done.  It was a great trip, the fall colors were beautiful.  Ty is awesome!!  Anyone who lives in Salt Lake should go, hands down the best hair wash EVER.  I wish he could come wash my hair everyday.

Salt Lake funnies:
-Summer pealing out of her driveway at 11pm
-Ty hoping the curb
-Summer running a red light
-Ty almost getting run off the road
-Fara and Lacy hunting down the late night "techno"

Lacy slept on the floor like a puppy
This is at the beginning of our trip, we did not look so hot when we got to Utah.

Summer doing her early morning jig


Ladies, he is single and he can style your hair.

Ty's picture skills :)

I'm not sure what look we were going for, but we all look silly!

I was so glad we got a group pic, until I realized Kizzy wasn't in it. 

No before picture of Kizzy, but I would describe her hair as a mullett that had been wearing a cowboy hat.  Huge improvement, huge!!

October 5, 2010


My bus buying friend Marlo claims to be going through a mid-life crisis...buying a bus and now she is threatening to SHAVE her head.  So when I asked Marlo if she would let me take her to get her hair done, I was thrilled when she gave me the green light to do whatever I wanted to it.  We first dyed it a dark brown and then got the cutest bob cut ever.  She looks amazing!!

PS, If anyone knows any nice 30-40 something single guys send them my way and we will hook them up with Marlo, she's amazing and she has a bus!
Also, my camera was being weird and all these pictures look a little funky, camera=funky, Marlo not funky.






What the hail?

I love how on a rainy day in Arizona, you can count on a million blogs/facebook posts about the "crazy weather."  Today was straight up CRAZY!!  In all my life I've never seen a microburst so widely spread and so destructive.  One second it's chill and breezy, cloudy and the next it is pouring and hailing huge pieces of hail.  Seriously, large gumball sized hail.  As I drove home I went through a neighborhood and on one block every tree was blown down, it was the strangest thing I've ever seen. As long as if my house stays dry it's cool, if not we've got problems.