August 3, 2009

Awesome / Not Awesome

-Being able to finally mash some gum on my tongue in Sacrament meeting.
Not Awesome
-James kindly telling me in Sunday school that I really need to brush my teeth (umm, I did and I'm sucking on gum) because my breath was a 7 or 8 on a scale of 1-10. (sorry to anyone I breathed on at church)

-Taking meds to help with the pain and discomfort. (I appreciated the medication, but felt a little hesitant about taking it after a meeting about addiction. Medicine freaks me out.)
Not Awesome
-Being questioned by several people if I was "okay." (apparently I am more affected by the meds than I thought)

-Got dressed for an early morning meeting in the dark.
Not Awesome
-James telling me at 5:00 pm; after three meetings, church and my conducting in Relief Society, that I have my dress on inside out! (In my defense it didn't look that strange)

I knew getting my teeth out would be an adventure, I just had no idea it would be this funny.

*the images are for those of you who may have forgotten what I look like on a normal basis. Yes, I can typically smile without a grimace, and no my cheeks don't always look this puffy.


Anonymous said...

i love know in a churchy/sisterly/fellow weirdo kinda way

Deb N Stu said...

That's seriously awesome! Dress on inside out, classic. Cicily you have the best widsom teeth story I've even heard.

Allred's said...

your smile has always been fabulous

Jill said...

I about peed my pants in laughter about your dress being inside out.

That's funny.

Dangerford said...

can you eat yet?


Awe, you poor thing! I'm sure you looked hot anyways! :-) Sorry this has been so hard on you!

jake and jenni said...

Well, when I noticed that your dress was inside out I didn't want to tell you...that would be awkward! J/k I didn't notice, you were looking so hat as usual!

Anonymous said...

This is probably the best wisdom teeth story I have ever heard! I only wish I could have witnessed the dress myself. I think I would have died laughing and pointing!

Micah and Jen said...

yeah, i am whimpig out! Mine don't need to come they are staying there....hopefully FOREVER!

Anonymous said...

That's hysterical. The question is...did James notice any earlier and just decide not to tell you?? BUSTED!!!

Jill said...

I've not fixed my other account so as to not confuse you.

It now has my pictur eon it